About Us

We are a leading provider of technology and content services.

  • Located a stone’s throw from Delhi, at Greater Noida.
  • Our team comprises of highly skilled individuals with industry experience varying from 7 – 11 years.

Our growth areas are – Digital and Social Media, Digital Branding and Content. In these, we create and manage world-class solutions central to the development and success of our clients and partners.

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Meet Our Core Team


profile pic ASArunima Shekhar, Co-Founder

10 years exp. | ex-Project Manager | Just About Everything

When not at system, can be found writing or telling stories



HTHimanshu Tyagi, Co-Founder

8 years exp. | ex-banking | Finance and BD

When not at system, can be found buried in a book



SSShashank Shekhar, CTO

7 years exp. | ex-Amazon | Tech and Beyond

When not at his system, can be found strumming a guitar or running




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